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Capture NX2 and Color Efex Pro 3 updated

Another update from Nikon and also from Nik Software. Capture NX2 v2.3.1 was released to support the D800/E and the D4.

Nik Software have also released their Color Efex Pro 3 for Capture NX2 that is now compatible with 64bit.

Nikon Releases ViewNX 2 Version 2.3

Nikon released the latest version of their free tool ViewNX 2, version 2.3. This is a 64bit version and on my Mac, runs much faster.

Current Versions of Nikon Software

What’s up?

The blog has been quiet lately, so lets get it going again. I’ll have some geek topics to get the ball rolling.  Over the next few days, I will go over some of the tools I use on the Mac. One of the tools that I will describe is ImageMagick.

I mainly use it to put a copyright on my images and also to resize some images. All this is done from the command line in OS X and it can then be integrated in the raw processor that I use, Bibble 5 Pro. Over the next few blog posts, I’ll explain how I accomplish this.

ImageMagick® is an extremely powerful tool. It is fully cross-platform so it run on Mac OS X, Windows Unix and many others. I got exposed to ImageMagick® back in the ’90s on Silicon Graphics systems running IRIX® but it wasn’t till recently that I really started using it more actively. Anyway, I am dating myself here 🙂 so I’ll get back to the subject at hand. As an example of the copyright, here is a photo of the Newcastle canoe pool.