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Capture NX2 and Color Efex Pro 3 updated

Another update from Nikon and also from Nik Software. Capture NX2 v2.3.1 was released to support the D800/E and the D4.

Nik Software have also released their Color Efex Pro 3 for Capture NX2 that is now compatible with 64bit.

Nikon Releases ViewNX 2 Version 2.3

Nikon released the latest version of their free tool ViewNX 2, version 2.3. This is a 64bit version and on my Mac, runs much faster.

Current Versions of Nikon Software

Photography Update

I haven’t had a chance to process much photos from the trip so far, too busy taking them 😉 A couple of things I can report on is that the ScotteVest Travel Vest is so far performing extremely well. I haven’t had to load it up with lenses yet but it comfortably carries all my other little bits like passport, sunnies, ipod, mobile, money, tickets, pens, moleskin diary and more. It is a breeze at the airport to just take the vest off and put it through security, very convenient.

As to carrying the camera gear, just before leaving, I did receive my Kiboko bag from Gura Gear. It wears very well as a pack, great harness, holds all the camera gear and it fits in the overhead compartment of all planes so far. If there isn’t a proper overhead compartment, it fits nicely under the seat. Another nice thing about it is that it doesn’t look bulky. On game drives, it can just sit next to me and I can easily access everything quickly and easily.

PMA Australia 2009

PMA Australia 2009 starts this Friday in Sydney at the Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre. They call it “The Ultimate Photo Event Imaging Technology Show”. There are plenty to see. Some of the exhibitors that I plan to visit:

  • Adobe – check up on Lightroom as I try to decide between Lightroom/Aperture/Bibble 5
  • APPA – Canon AIPP Australian Professional Photography Awards Judging – I will sit in and watch some of the judging to see what the pro’s are up to, hopefully will be able to catch some of the Landscape division judging.
  • Apple – check Aperture, new Macbook and hopefully the new iphone 3G S
  • Asukabook – check out their on-demand photo book offerings
  • Australia Photo-Shop-Studio – see the Benro tripods
  • Ballarat International Foto Biennale – it is on later this year and I want to see some of their program
  • Better Photography – Always a good magazine to read
  • Created for Life – Central Coast studio, part of the Ken Duncan Group, I want to see the prints and canvas they produce
  • Des Pty Ltd – check out papers and X-Rite products
  • Eizo – dream of owning the leading edge monitors
  • Epson – see what is happening in the printer/ink/paper sector
  • Eternal Fortune – Distributor for the Phottix camera accessories and talk to our friend Poon. Remote controls, GPS, batteries and lots more
  • Mack Camera & Video Service – investigate the level of service we can expect in Australia
  • Momento – more on demand book printing
  • NIK Software – great software to use in PS/Aperture/Lightroom/NX2, see if there are some show specials
  • Nikon Australia – see all the latest gear and NPS
  • Photo Art Gallery – they offer online service for selling your art, see how it works
  • Sandisk – we always need more CF cards 🙂
  • Sun Studios – they will have the Aquatech sport sleeves on show, check these out.
  • Wacom – been thinking of a graphics tablet so I’ll look at the different Intuos4 tablets.

Plus I’m sure that I’ll stop by Canon, Sony, Olympus and some of the other distributors. It will be a very busy day.

If you are on Twitter and tweet about the PMA, make sure to use the hashtag of #pmaoz.

See you there.

Travelling With Camera Gear

Lately, I’ve read a few more stories of photographers having their camera bag weighed prior to checking in or boarding an airplane. It doesn’t take long these days to get over the weight limit by the time you have a few lenses, a camera body or two, batteries, phone, and so on. You get the picture. With an extensive trip coming up, I have been wondering how to tackle this potential problem. Last thing you want is to be forced to check-in your camera bag.

ScotteVest Travel Vest comes to the rescue. I had read a bit about it on David duChemin’s blog, pixelatedimage:blog. Most of the photo vests that I have come across all look very ordinary. My ScotteVest will actually get used even when I am not travelling with camera gear. It is super comfortable to wear, it is made with a very nice fabric and has pockets galore. As such, the Travel Vest is not specifically designed for photographers but with the deep pockets that it has, you can fit a lot of gear and still don’t look like a geeky photographer 🙂

Off I went to the ScotteVest web site. Checked out the sizes, colours, made my choice, put in the order. It was very easy. Now, I just had to wait for it to arrive. It takes a bit longer to get down to Australia but still got here within a week. It got here nicely packaged. A catalogue was included. My first impression when unpacking is was that it looked very stylish and comfortable. Slipped it on and liked it from the word go.

As I started exploring the 22 pockets, I found that ScotteVest have included a little card in each pocket. These little cards give you hints as to what you can put in each pocket. Each card is actually different, a nice touch.

How much gear will it actually take? I put it on and loaded it up. Here is what I put in: lenses – 70-200 f/2.8, 12-24, 28mm, 50mm, electronics – mobile phone, ipod, CF cards, 2 spare batteries, misc – two pens, wallet, moleskin notepad, passport, magazine. I figured that the whole thing weighted close to 4 kgs! I still had some empty pockets.

Now I’m safe when travelling. If I get asked to weigh in my camera bag, I can off load the heavy lenses to my Travel Vest. Even with all the above gear that I put in the vest, it still felt comfortable. Sure, it looks like I have put on a few kgs but it still doesn’t look bulky.

The Travel Vest comes in three different colours (Desert Sand, Red Rock, Black Lava), in men (small to XXX-large) and women(small to XX-large) sizes and sells for $100USD.

Tip: when putting the lenses in the pockets, take the lens hoods off, it makes it easier to put the lenses in your pockets.

Highly recommend to travelling photographers.

Acratech Ballhead

I just took delivery of my Acratech GV2 ballhead with levelling clamp. It is an awesome little ballhead but with big credentials. This ballhead weighs less then 500g but can support over 11kg at any angle!

It is very easy to adjust, smooth to use. They don’t come cheap but you do get what you paid for.

In Australia, I got mine from PhotoVideo. I highly recommend them, great service and delivery from Greg.